Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Follow-Up to my DB LINK research

After trying it myself with only 1 person companywide that new something about using ODBC being in another City, which really wasn't helping. I happened to run into something as always after spending too much time thinking that you're on the verge of Inventing the Wheel you find that there was something here already. At least meaningful knowledge was gained making me a more "Valuable Asset", which is key being that the Economy is what it Is, lol. Well, the source is from Cyril Verley who I happened to loose sight of lately being so busy, lol ( & the tool is called "CodeBook v9" or also go to ( . From the cdv site you have to Register then get access to download the videos showing you the ins & outs, but it's so worth it. Since I'm involved more with doing Healthcare Projects it catered to what I was aiming for utilizing the DB Link for.
(Soon to have a Link to DB Link User Guide here/downloadable content)

The Codebook tool is best utilized for complex building types otherwise using DB Link with just M$ Access/Excel is a Great tool in general; & on a side note after beta testing MS Office 64-bit version with the Revit 2011 Beta 64-bit you'll be able to modify more parameters faster than tediously using the Revit Schedules updating a field at a time and waiting for each field to update the model & other settings that you would have to manuver through Revit to update.

My next challenge is learning more about utilize Revit as a Designer to teach most of the Designers the ins & outs/tips & tricks instead of using Sketch-Up, yuck. The good news that I'm seeing is that with every new release it's becoming more appealing to my Designers. The major hurdle is getting the OK to upgrade their hardware. Come on Economy, LOL.