Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Into the BIM Future: The Cloud (aka:remote Data Center, aka: so long Revit Server)

It's semi-official, just waiting on the Final-Final projection numbers. PGAL, my employer, will be transitioning to The CLOUD that'll be managed by "Advance 2000". Many kudos to Chris & Will. It just so happens FKP, Cannon Design, HDR to name the few are also/have moved to the cloud, which is a better solution than Citrix, fewer headaches for one major reason.
What makes this move so appealing is the fact when you compare Apples to Apples (amount of bandwidth & how much you pay for it) the savings are through the Roof. For PGAL it amounts to ~50% of our IT Infrastucture of all of our Satellite Offices included. Now in our 3rd year projection (hardware replacements due to expired warrenties) we'll have 60% savings, then in the 6th year it would be 100% savings, then repeat :)
So our savings are going into tools for Productivity such as; Newforma, OpenAsset, Knowledge Architecture, Cisco's Webex Connect (firmwide IM) to name a few.
So what does moving to the cloud give us; Mobility, Accessibility, Connectivity, Productivity, Scalability to name a few things. Now with the M$ Surface Tablets (1st without a stripped down OS, but with a full version OS, aka: Windows 8) its like the missing link to full mobility with full productivity. Sorry, an iPad/Android tablet can only take you so far, and a typical Laptop has its Cons. A tablet with a full version OS has nothing but Pros when it comes to being mobile & in the field.
In the coming posts I'll be elaborating more of the benefits & how things "work" when utilizing the cloud solution (aka: the future) ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

In search of the Holy Revit Grail: Ultimate Revit Template...WELL...close enough

In my hiatus from posting my unique BIM experiences (note: I don't like sharing my perspectives that are in any way similar to what other more popular Revit Bloggers post before me; "regurgitation" runs rampade on the WEB. I like being a Shepard, not a Sheep)  I've been all but. Directing BIM implementation, strategies, management, Project Coordination, etc for +5 offices for more than the past 2 years by myself rather than "by committee" of +5 offices (from my previous employment) has opened me up to even broader insight too much to really reflect a bit until now. Managing family life with 3 daughters (1.5, 3.75, & a 6 year old) & a management position is no easy task to squeeze an inch in of professional reflection time for the most part, L.O.L., but alas, here I am again.
    I wanted to share a little GEM for the ones' struggling because of coming too late to the BIM Party & or Unfortunate Luck of just now getting into the BIM scene. By the way...tell your Bosses they're +5 years too late & a dollar short no doubt ;p Any way to help the unfortunate ones if you go here https://cadbim.usace.army.mil/BIM you'll find Templates for all Disciplines. It's not perfect it does have a few holes/errors/omissions, but its "Core Strategy" for the BIM work-flow ranks up there with mine (from 2 years back ;). I'm putting my proverbial money where my proverbial mouth is and giving them some of my perspective. David Johnson is their point man if you'd like to give your 2 cents after reviewing the "living document" as they call it. I feel it "holds mustard" in making it into a Community Document to have a well balanced Template like the philosophies from people over at  http://www.openrevitstandards.com/  or like http://www.nationalbimlibrary.com/. Also, the Client Organization I've seen produce the best BIM Standards document is from http://www.panynj-cadstandards.com/. Some people hold their IP (intellectual property) too close to their chest. How will this BIM world really progress if not by "sharing" (core religious beliefs). I'd gladly share mine...some day soon, but after I take it from a Modern Art Masterpiece (it's complicated) to a more astonishing Renaissance piece (in harmony). I take pride in my work ;)
    Being the "Lone Wolf" has had its gratification, and that's adding members to my "Wolf Pack". Seeing that "Intellectual Light Bulb" turn ON is just PRICELESS!; the So long to CAD (dumb lines) & HELLO NURSE! (smart objects) salute.
    I could never send enough thanks to Gregory Arkin over at http://bimboom.blogspot.com/. It's always a pleasure when I get a chance to speak with him, over the phone. On the agenda...BIM Cloud Solutions. There's nothing better than listening to people with "Perspective" & like-mindedness. I could listen to him & Colin Cowherd from ESPN all day ;D