Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Into the BIM Future: The Cloud (aka:remote Data Center, aka: so long Revit Server)

It's semi-official, just waiting on the Final-Final projection numbers. PGAL, my employer, will be transitioning to The CLOUD that'll be managed by "Advance 2000". Many kudos to Chris & Will. It just so happens FKP, Cannon Design, HDR to name the few are also/have moved to the cloud, which is a better solution than Citrix, fewer headaches for one major reason.
What makes this move so appealing is the fact when you compare Apples to Apples (amount of bandwidth & how much you pay for it) the savings are through the Roof. For PGAL it amounts to ~50% of our IT Infrastucture of all of our Satellite Offices included. Now in our 3rd year projection (hardware replacements due to expired warrenties) we'll have 60% savings, then in the 6th year it would be 100% savings, then repeat :)
So our savings are going into tools for Productivity such as; Newforma, OpenAsset, Knowledge Architecture, Cisco's Webex Connect (firmwide IM) to name a few.
So what does moving to the cloud give us; Mobility, Accessibility, Connectivity, Productivity, Scalability to name a few things. Now with the M$ Surface Tablets (1st without a stripped down OS, but with a full version OS, aka: Windows 8) its like the missing link to full mobility with full productivity. Sorry, an iPad/Android tablet can only take you so far, and a typical Laptop has its Cons. A tablet with a full version OS has nothing but Pros when it comes to being mobile & in the field.
In the coming posts I'll be elaborating more of the benefits & how things "work" when utilizing the cloud solution (aka: the future) ;)