Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To Split, or not to Split the Model...

I've been dealing with large revit projects ever since I got thrown into the Ocean/ to the wolves/ my feet wet, etc ;) Recently I've been asked by many in my community of what are the best practices/rules & or workloads I use to splitting a model. There are many factors & circumstances that should play into whether to Split the model. My 1st rule is to complete as much of all the basic walls, windows, doors, openings, floors, roofs, & ceilings. Then if need be (+7 people in the model at an early stage) utilize as many worksets based on Regions & or construction/package type; ex. "West Wing-Interiors" or "West Wing-Walls" etc. [note: if lots of lag is happening when selecting/modifying objects early on when +7 users are in the model, then make sure your network is to snuff like having Gigabyte Switches, etc, strategies to eliminate bottle necks to your local network] I would be preferable holding off till you start CD's before the split. As for model size use the rule set in James V's book "M.A.R.A. (revit version here)" (he also gives good pointers to splitting the model in his book) as long as your x64 PC has sufficent RAM with(+12GB), then no real need, or till wait times to open a model utilizing specific worksets to open has meet its threshold (being, if it takes more than 5mins to open; check the warnings log too). At which point it's best to Split. Also, if it's a large bldg with many design options, then possibly have them as links (I've done the same for phasing) if they encompass a large enough area. A large model with many Design Options, you're either looking for trouble & or looking for Murphy. Good Journeys ;)

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