Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Revit API, the next Frontier for BIM, Part 2

I agree with "Lindsay and Parley" assessment in part 1. Where my "wishful thinking" is aiming its sights on is best describe by your comment, " I don't think however that the BIM group is large or organized enough to create TRUE open source application coding". I believe that getting the open source application coding started sooner rather than later may be more wishful thinking today, but in the near future, well you never know what the future holds. Unless a market is created for it like what Apple/ Android market did with their products where "there's an App for that" created everyday. That is where I would like the "community" (cough-cough AUGI, cough-cough Autodesk, lol) to start focusing some of their efforts towards. So yes get attention with a "paid version" (yeeaa for Capitalism), but please also release a simplified free version & or a niffty little tool along with its Code for the greater good of the "BIM Frontier".
I had to make Part 1 a little provacative so someone could get my juices flowing, and that's why I ended the post with "to be continued", lol. It was on the tip of my tongue, but I was having too many distractions. Maybe there can be a Part 3... Oh yeah, it will be outlined in my journey with the API.
So little ole me will be trying to duplicate some of the feasable "tools" out there along with my own inspirations, which I will gladly share the finer details of my journey.
Just had an idea pop in my head about "creating the market" of sorts. If Autodesk would have an open competition where the best, let's say up to five, get selected to be part of the "for subscription" only downloads. How's that for Capitalism. What say you Autodesk, and if only they would, lol.