Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Revit API, the next Frontier for BIM

For the past few months I've been methodically researching & thinking (trying not to reinvent the wheel, if it's already out there) of ways to create Addins to increase workflow/productivity. I've ran into a few things from the AU classes that really pop out, which are CP322-1, CP222-2, & CP314-2. I've ran into using programs like C#, VB.Net, & best of all VSTA. The reason I concluded with using VSTA as my primary tool for building "Apps" for Revit is because it's 64bit compatability. The next runner up was VB.Net, but its flaw is that it runs in a 32bit mode & it has to jump through hoops to connect to 64bit, thus making the "Need for Speed" useless. The precursor for both of these tools are programs like C# or C++, basically any program that starts with a "C", LOL. Any Computer Science Majors out there wanting to fill me in on the origins of writing "Code", feel free to do so.
Now earlier I said the word "Apps" that comes from the term used form phone Apps market. Basically my vision for the future in BIM API is that when people begin to say if, "can BIM do this", people will start to say, "I have an App for that", LOL. The only area that I see BIM being "caged" is when it comes to "Intellectual Property" from the "Indedendent Programmers". All "I" have to say about that is, What ever happened to the "I" in the BIM philosiphy. If you're in it for BIM then you're in it to "Share Information". Of course, there are some out there that share like Jeremy Tammik that do so & "I" love seeing that, but others that develop an Addin that's like the next best thing since sliced bread keep it klinched. Now "I" understand this is "Capitalism", but we are talking about BIM here, the next frontier. What would you best be known for a "Pioneer" or just another "Capitalist" for BIM, and that's my rant, LOL.
Now the next best thing since sliced bread is using the Revit VSTA to develop your "App", which if you look at Session ID "CP314-2" it will inform you of its location. If you view "CP322-1", then you'll know the direction I'm wanting to go when it comes to the API Development (productivity) & "I" will joyfully "Share" the "Fruits of my Labor"; to be continued....

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  1. Are you insinuating that there is no place for capitalism in the BIM movement? If so, I disagree. I have seen the "paid information applications" that are currently available and they are BY FAR more complicated and useful than anything you can download for free. This only makes sence as an individual can only devote a limited amount of FREE time before he compromises the sourse of his subsistance. Capitalism works because it is the profits of the application development that drive its growth. I would agree however that there is a place for giving stuff away for free. I don't think however that the BIM group is large or organized enough to create TRUE open source application coding. At least currently the only use for giving information away for free is to garner attention for the "paid version."