Monday, October 25, 2010

BIM Tools worth mentioning…

I first caught on to the existence of  Ideate when Steve Stafford posted an opening for them in his Revit Jobs blog. Then just a few weeks ago Gregory Arkin posted a link to Ideate’s own blog introducing its new tools.  In a way I see Ideate’s tools as bridging the gap from having to use M$ Office Tools with Revit DB Link tool down to more interaction within Revit itself.  I found that what Avatech attempted to create with “Model Review”, which Autodesk “acquisitioned” it before Avatech “merged” with Imaginit, was lacking a little more Imagination Disappointed smile in which Ideate Light bulb seems to capture from my perspective. I only wished I had these type of tools when I first started using Revit. Check out the links for these tools for yourself: Who me? or its Blog; available or its Blog; release date to be in December 2010

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