Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Missing BIM Link to getting Real BIM Bids

For Architects wondering the best implementations to set up to produce a model that will give the GC/Subs the necessary info; & for GC’s/Subs reproducing 2D-CAD DWG’s or even re-building a Revit model with their own “I” from an A/E/MEP firm & yourselves that had to get their feet wet in BIM for the first time because the Client DEMANDED it; the answer has been right in front of your face. Again it has been right in front of your face, & not under your noses or over your heads, well, maybe a little over your heads for some (doing little bim & not Big BIM). The little know fact in spitting out BIM Bids in minutes (for the GC’s with fairly advances Library of info using a “particular format”) to less than a day to the following day (for those that had that “Epiphany” not too long ago)

So what is this EPIPHANY; using UNIFORMAT Codes, plain and simple. Every time you edit a type family the Answer was staring you right  “IN DA FAIICCE” (I couldn’t resist using the reference from the Hangover, my Wolf-Pack & I never get tired of watching that, lol, but I digress…) So, just look for the parameter in the “Identity Data” Category called “Assembly Code”, nuff said.

The extent the Architects need to know Uniformat Codes is down to the first 3 Levels; anything past 4 to infinity are user defined. As for what BIM GC’s/Subs/Architects need to know if they’re still “lost in the cloud” is this:

…Masterformat tells you what the construction item is. Uniformat tells you where the construction item is. The presence of the construction item in the project defines the why. When a construction item is coded with a Masterformat number and a Uniformat number, you are given information as to what and where the construction item is. With Uniformat levels, the initial ones give you solely the where information. But as an item is assigned deeper levels, a blurring between where and what occurs and the increased detail provides the item with more and more what information. This is done by placing Masterformat numbers (or the user’s own codes) as portions of deeper level Uniformat numbers…

The feedback I’ve been getting from BIM GC’s is that “Design-Build & CM at Risk” type projects are their preferred. Now if you’re a genius or really keen on the business side of things then this short paragraph holds more within “reading between the lines” than what I’ve written in this post. To survive & be one more step ahead you must be, what Bruce Lee wisely once said when it come to Adapting, “Be Water my friend”. My own BIM Mantra, “Harness the “I’ in BIM”.

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