Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adding Useful Content for your Template

First of all I would like to thank Gregory Akin, from Revit3d, for his support. I be in contact as soon as a series of deadlines on a Fast-Track Project of a 500k SF Hospital passes; if IPD was in place from the very begining it would have been a very smooth road, but none the less I'm proud of Management for making it as smooth as possible. Also if MEP was also done in Revit, but that's another story to be later told.

Browsing around the Web researching this topic provided one constant theme, "Intellectual Property", & of course many helpful hints for the "beginner", but I'm past that. My Firm is updating to the 2010 & slightly improving upon the current Template that still has some ways to go as in having the best substance in regards to the Early Design Phase. Though I'm not incharge, I'm taking the initiative to find the most useful content to have added.
What I'm getting at is useful Schedules with Parameters that outline Program constraints (like occupancy loads, etc...) & IBC/ADA/BOCA/State Codes that are applicable among other typical schedules that haven't been added like for instance the Massing. I just wish there were downloadable content for such things. Of course most of the content would most likely involve having "Shared Parameters"; & as you can see I just opened up a whole Box of Worms for just little 'ole me to enbark upon. I need a little help from ya'll out there too if possible. I'll share too.
"Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known." (LOL) Just a little more about me. I like to work Smart not Hard, but at the same time work hard "Now" to make "Later" easier. I'm beyond "Do it Right the first time" (that goes without saying), because the break throughs of Technolgy & Ideas will always have some affect on what's "Right" today to what's "Right the first time" tomorrow. So I'm always searching for what Tomorrow will bring. As a BIM Leader you must have this mentality, after all it comes with the territory. Let me show you, there are 5 skill levels of BIM: 1)BIM Greenhorn 2)BIM Coordinator 3)BIM Modeler 4)BIM Leader aka: Asst. BIM Manager 5)BIM Manager; notice I mentioned the words (Asst & Manager) & anyone familiar with leadership roles know that an "Assistant" does the Leg Work. I gotta go, I just created a mond of work for me to do that will apply to all the Offices aka: Job Security. "And I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time but here I go again, here I go again". (LOL)

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