Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Growing Pains

No better way to describe how I learned all about Revit than what the title states; I joined the Firm that I'm with 3 years ago on the 1st of August and no better way to celebrate it than creating a Blog about my experiences in the Revit World, but a little more about me before desert.

I grew up around the Houston Area & worked here till I went to California to get a little more diverse experience in Architecture then some time later the Housing Meltdown began and I had a little "Birdy" that told me it was only the tip of the ICE BERG, & thank God I got outta' Dodge before $%!# hit the ceiling to land back in one of the more stable areas of the Country. The best thing I brought back was discovering Revit for myself and not having to deal with so many "Flakes". LOL

The AEC firm I joined was introduced to BIM a few months before I joined & one of the Offices had just started a Pilot project, to which I later transfered to, and so Started my "Growing Pains" becoming a BIM Leader. The frist BIM project was thrown into the middle of was half CAD & Revit then from there it was Revit to the Max. We quickly discovered how important it was to quickly develop Office wide "Standards/Best Practices/Families" ASAP; and OH MY has it been a long road to have something with substance in Place. If anyone out there is with an A/E firm with multiple offices they know what I mean (Politics, Groups & "Committees"...OH My), but it makes "Climbing up that Mountain" an even more "fullfilling" experience, any "Competitor" knows what I mean......


  1. Saw a link over at

    Welcome to the BIM Blog world...

  2. Congratulations on a great new blog. I dig your style of writing and look forward to learning more about your path to Revitopia. Personally I am with a firm that is currently not employing BIM. But I can see that it is the inevitable future of the AEC industry so I am beginning to learn on my own.

    Keep up the great posts and good luck to you from a fellow Houstonian.

    - The Kung Fu Drafter -