Saturday, August 22, 2009

Economic Downturn but Upturn for BIM?

Reflecting on my Career in Construction & Architecture one theme is appearant, "Being at the right place at the right time with the right people with the right disciplne". I guess beause
I let the "Man up stairs to lead the way", meaning knowing how to read the clues.

For example, this Joke kind of drives the point, I'll make it a shorter version:
A man was stranded out at sea; he says God I want you to Save me; a plane then ship passes by, but says no I want God to save me; then in Heaven he tells God why didn't you save me! Well, didn't you see the Plane then Ship I sent you, Dummy! AH AH AH!
To get something else off my chest; we are here given "free will" with rules to follow kind of like Free Speach with rules like not "crying wolf"; but anyway!

Reflecting back at all my friends I tried to help by bring them onboard before Texas felt the Pain ("I'm Happy Here"; it should have been more about the Future). I bet some of them that couldn't read the Clues are kicking themselves in the butt, LOL. I preached to them to Learn Revit to get a better foot in the door, Mr. Akin drives the point why in his Blog, it's the future of everyone's survival. Some of them looking only found out that the only jobs left where "Revit Positions" now they see the light, it's kind of like the man finding himself in Heaven that I mentioned earlier, but I feel for them being now close to a year with out jobs; just look for those clues to guide you. Now as I was saying in the beginning about "Right..." it so happens that my office has fared better than the rest of the sitelite offices, but still. We have a foot hold in certain areas (too late for everyone else, LOL) of the world that will brighten our future; I hope someone is reading the clues. The prospects in the States are getting more competition than usual so also looking elsewhere is the next best thing. I would love to share some of the insider secrets to that success of getting a "Foot-Hold" that I have learned from my Office Principals, but I would be shotting my Economic Future/Job Security in the Foot maybe, LOL. Just keep looking for those clues because some of the insider info I've been lucky to learn about on the Economy says it's going to be a rough 4-5 years for the States. Only BIM will keep you from crossing into the Dark Side, or at least keep you from falling all the way in from the Info I've seen. "Good Journeys"!

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