Saturday, August 22, 2009

Visibility Settings of Equipment in Elevations

I'm trying to make it a habit of posting every 2-4 days, but with deadlines now coming every 2-4 weeks (coordination sets, qc/qa, then for whatever issue for an area/diliverable phasing, aka:Fast-Track) till November. Then on top of that buying a home.

So we have View Templates like for Typ. Floor Plans, Enl. Plans, Interior Elevation, etc...

I ran into what I thought was 2 anomolies; 1st, was dragging a specialty equip into an area & it changed its appeaerance as it was crossing a maginary plane & it didn't change no matter what we did like the Lineweight tool or all the other possible visibility settings; 2nd, Equip was not visible , but could see it if you hovered the mouse over it & all other possible visibility settings didn't pan out either.

Solution: reapply the view template & if it dosen't change (like it did in the aformentioned) then it's "corrupt" in some way & you will need to recreate it or apply another that's suitable. No matter how much I tryed fixing the View Template it wasn't panning out. Maybe because once the view template was applied a team member later altered settings within the views rather than updating the View Template (either a brain fart for the whole time or someone with a skill level of a beginner "BIM Coordinator" LOL)?

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